You may not think that match fixing is a big deal. Consider this: sport betting has an estimated global turnover of between €400bn and €750bn and up to one third of that figure is thought to be illegal betting. A clear threat exists to the credibility of sport and to the meaningfulness of financial investments put in place to develop the sport sector and related social and economic opportunities. However, it is not only business that is vulnerable. The innocence of the youngest, those who are looking at sport as something clean, as an opportunity to become a champion in life, can be seriously jeopardized.

The forum, officially titled “Sport Integrity: From Europe To Address A Global Issue”, attracted leading European decision makers and representatives from youth organisations, and pledged its support to the forthcoming Council of Europe convention on match fixing, a co-ordinated approach which will encourage co-operation between public authorities, sports organisations and betting operators.

“Let us not forget that we are treaty-bound to promote fairness in sporting competitions, and to ensure the physical and moral objectivity of our athletes”

Androulla Vassiliou, European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism, Sport and Youth

As part of the discussions, it was clear that essential to battling the growing problem of match fixing, was instilling the ethical values of sport and fair competition into people at a young age. We’re proud to say that Save the Dream was highlighted as a vehicle to promote these values and look forward to playing an important role moving forward.

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