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Save the Dream Foundation aims at establishing Save the Dream Sport Corps, a global network of volunteers which will facilitate access to sport and related educational opportunities in countries and areas where sport is inaccessible or trained people are needed to promote and protect its core values. Each Save the Dream Sport Volunteer will be an enthusiastic sport professional, trainer, educator, graduated student or child protection activist who agrees to live overseas of his/her country of origin for a minimum period of three months, depending on the type of assignment which could reach a total continued period of two years. Volunteers will work within identified communities with local institutions, sport organisations, schools, entrepreneurs in sport, nonprofit and non-government organizations. Save the Dream will invite its Volunteers to the Save the Dream Annual Forum to interact with the other elements of the Movement, and share lessons learned.

How the Sport Corps will operate:

  • Save the Dream will provide training courses, including on-line, on sport values, intercultural dialogue, safety and security issues, ethics and educational methodologies before and during the mission of the Volunteer.
  • Save the Dream will provide the Volunteers with tools and materials in support of their mission.
  • Save the Dream Chapters will negotiate with beneficiary country or community the possibility of receiving Save the Dream Corps Volunteers.
  • Save the Dream will facilitate logistic arrangements within the beneficiary communities to host the Volunteers in a safe environment, provide insurance coverage and a small reimbursement to offset basic living costs.
  • Beginning and End of Service round trip ticket will be provided.
  • Save the Dream Corps Volunteers will receive End of Service Certificate.
  • All missions carried out by the Sport Corps will be leaded and coordinated by a Save the Dream staff member or by an official and professional Save the Dream partner.

Profile of the Save the Dream Sport Volunteer

  • Volunteers will be 18 years old or older.
  • They will have an expressed interest in working with Youth and Children in Sport.
  • Preferable Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science in Sports, Social Work, Social Services, Counseling or Community Development or BA/BS in any discipline with relevant volunteer experience.
  • Applicants will have a passion for promoting sport, commitment to its values as well as training in any kind of sport.
  • Excellent interpersonal or soft skills are required.
  • Preferably knowledge of the beneficiary country language.