Alessandro Del Piero

To protect and uphold the values of sport and to teach them to the young generation: it’s real hard to find a better reason to take to the pitch.

Penny Heyns

I believe that sport is a great teacher and developer of character, if played for the right reasons and with integrity.

Tegla Chepkite Loroupe

I am honoured to become Save the Dream Ambassador. Together we can become role model for our kids, youth and also their parents through various projects.

Fernando Sanz

I am pleased to be invited to join such a prestigious group of fellow athletes – the Save the Dream Ambassadors truly are a collection of sporting icons and I am honoured to be working among them.

Fernando Hierro

It is an amazing privilege to be chosen as one of the Ambassadors for Save the Dream. I am determined to do my best to support this cause wholeheartedly.

Rosa Mota

“It’s a great honour to be chosen as one of the Ambassadors for Save the Dream. I will give my best for this cause as I have always done in everything I’ve done. It’s very important to promote and defend the values of fair play, ethics and the fight against doping for our young.”

Giusy Versace

I’m proud to be a Save the Dream ambassador, born to protect true values of sport in the world. If you fall down, don’t be afraid. Smile and stand up! If you believe, you can go anywhere.

Honey Thaljieh

Football has changed my life and now it is my turn to change people’s lives through football. Through Save the Dream, I am sure we can inspire many youngsters, children and many others to achieve their own dreams.

David Trezeguet

“Sport is a powerful vehicle for positive change in society and empowering young people. It teaches values like teamwork, respect and collaboration to young people around the world, including those who have been less fortunate.”

Christof Innerhofer

I take great pride in being a part of the Save the Dream Team – when Alessandro Del Piero, the captain, offered to participate, I agreed straight away.

Lorenzo Bernardi

Right from an early age, when I admired the great champions I had a dream to meet them, to understand their real sportive values, to come to know what they were doing to distinguish themselves in their categories.

Fiona May

Fiona May, born on 12 December 1969 in Slough, England, is a retired Italian champion long jumper who holds 11 medals, including 3 world championship titles, and 2 Olympic silver medals.