Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa, a Segunda División B – Group 1 Spanish club has launched a special tuxedo jersey for the 2015 / 16 season, featuring the Save the Dream logo.

With ‘La Cultu’ flying high and pushing for promotion this season, the special tuxedo jersey will add a touch of sophistication to Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa football players this year and also builds on a unique partnership with the internationally-recognised Aspire Academy – one of growing portfolio of Save the Dream international partners.

As part of a special MoU signed between the Aspire Academy and Save the Dream, the two organisations committed themselves to empowering young athletes through the values of sport and to improve access to sport for young children.

In line with these efforts, a percentage of the shirt sales will go towards supporting Save the Dream projects for youth empowerment and will be available to purchase at

During the MoU signing, Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa also signed the Save the Dream Manifesto for the purity of sport on October 2015, which will see the club promote the positive ethics and values of sport to young people around the world.


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