Staffan Domingo De Mistura is a long-serving Italian-Swedish diplomat and former United Nations Special Envoy for Syria. After a forty-year career in various UN agencies, he was appointed Undersecretary of State (Junior Minister) for Foreign Affairs in the Italian cabinet headed by Mario Monti.

De Mistura’s previous UN posts have included that of Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Afghanistan (2010-2011) and Iraq (2007-2009), Personal Representative of the Secretary-General for Southern Lebanon (2001-2004), and Director of the UN Information Center in Rome (2000-2001).

Mr. De Mistura has also served the Organization in many other capacities, including United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq from March through August 1997. Prior to that, he held the posts of Director of Public Affairs at the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and UNICEF Representative in Somalia. He subsequently served as Director of Fund-Raising and External Relations at the United Nations Office of the Coordinator for Afghanistan from 1988 to 1991; Director of World Food Programme operations in Sudan in 1987; and Deputy Chef de Cabinet at the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) from 1976 to 1985. In addition, he was given special humanitarian assignments in Dubrovnik, Sarajevo, Sudan, Ethiopia, Viet Nam and the Lao People’s Democratic Republic.

Mr. De Mistura has more than three decades of experience with the United Nations in conflict-affected areas including Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan and the former Yugoslavia. Under challenging conditions, he has promoted political dialogue; led reconstruction, development and humanitarian-assistance efforts; and been involved in overseeing elections.

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