A large-scale innovative photographic collection, born from the collaboration between leading photographic agency Magnum Photos and Save the Dream, this project was conceived to inspire people around the world through the core values of sport and remind us of its true nature.

Magnum Photos with Save the Dream ‘Noites do Brasil’ comprises a collection of over 100 stunning images taken in the streets of Brazil around twelve World Cup host cities showcasing the emotion, spirit, passion and humanity for sport, and highlighting the ethos and vision of Save the Dream.

Magnum photographers have met the challenge of trying to visually interpret the spirit of hope and joy that sport spontaneously inspires in people, especially the young. They have captured moments of friendship, innocence, emotion and passion in vivid contrast to the instances of violence, corruption and discrimination, which threaten sport in modern times.

The impetus for Noites do Brasil was sparked by an important initiative launched during the 2014 Football World Cup by Save the Dream, in partnership with UNICEF and Brazilian child protection authorities including the Secretariat for Human Rights. Titled ‘It’s in your hands to protect’, this initiative encompassed a widespread outreach campaign designed to mobilize people on the fundamental right of every child to be protected from violence and discrimination in the context of major sporting events.

Beginning with a preview in Rio de Janeiro on July 3rd 2014, the exhibition opened at Alessandro Del Piero’s ADPLOG on 19th September 2014. Showcased in London during the annual ICSS Securing Sport conference, ‘Noites do Brasil’ will be toured around the world in 2015. The images in this collection shine a light on the richness that sport brings to our lives, and remind us all of the need to safeguard its purity, for the future.


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