Rosa Mota, Olympic champion and winner of the first ever Women’s Marathon in Athens in 1982, returns to the location of her first historic Marathon victory and birthplace of the modern Olympic Games to represent Save the Dream at the 2015 ISF World School Sport Educational Games.

As part of Save the Dream’s mission to promote and protect the core values of sport in young people around the world, the Portuguese Marathon legend took part in a variety of activities to celebrate, empower and inspire young athletes on sport values.

Rosa Mota addressing young athletes in a Seminar on sport values at the starting line of the original Marathon race.

Rosa attended the opening ceremony of the Games, as well as visiting the Marathon Race Museum – situated at the birthplace of the first ever Marathon in 1896 – to donate the trophy to the greatest female marathon runner of all time awarded to her by the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) in 2012. The trophy can be now admired at the Marathon Race Museum, where it is part of a unique collection 4 of Marathon memorabilia.

“I owe all I am to sport and I think I am a better citizen thanks to sport. I have shared my personal experience with the young athletes in this place where my career as a Marathon runner begun”

“I believe that it is important to strengthen the relationship between sport and education and ensure that young people are educated about sports core values and the lasting benefits it can have on their lives.

“I fully support and commit to Save the Dream and feel it is essential to promote its message to young athletes”

“We need kids to do more sport also to keep them fit and the school is the most natural place for our children to start doing sport”

“We need more sport in education but also more education in sport”

“With Save the Dream I help to promote and protect the core values of sport among young people around the world.”

“When I competed I represented my country but also all those that believe in sport and in its purity.”

“I hate doping. Doping is cheating. Doping destroy the dream of many people.Follow your dreams and do not cheat.”

“Cheating in sport is not possible if you have friends. Would you cheat a friend?”

“Follow your dreams and be happy. This is the most powerful combination for success.”

“The values of sport are fundamental to build better citizens and to inspire our societies.”

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