As part of its mission to implement and promote activities to empower youth through safe access to sport and to its educational and social values, Save the Dream and its partners implemented the two years programme TASEM – Training Athletes for Sports Events Management.

TASEM is a learning-mobility programme aimed at providing innovative pathways for young athletes through educational experiences abroad. Supported by the European Union and coordinated by the National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia (INEFC) in Spain, TASEM is a partnership of 15 academic institutions and sports organisations from nine European countries and from northern Africa. The consortium provided a tailor-made, innovative Master’s Degree, targeting athletes and coaches from the Mediterranean Basin and providing them with new educational and training opportunities in the field of sport management. TASEM training sessions started in September 2016 through December 2017, concluded with the project final congress that took place in Barcelona and attended by 250 stakeholders.

Through TASEM, 52 young athletes and coaches from Mediterranean countries, including Algeria, Cyprus, Egypt, Italy, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Syria and Tunisia, have successfully completed TASEM’s program in December 2017. Out of those graduates, 35 athletes are expected to be employed by the relevant organisations who nominated them for the program. In addition, academic materials/curriculum/research studies were produced, six Euro-Mediterranean business plans were validated and were made ready for implementation. TASEM also managed to establish an enlarged platform of Euro-Mediterranean organisations on dual careers.

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