The event was conceived by Save the Dream and its partners to contribute to the MED four pillars Shared Prosperity; Shared Security; Migration; Civil Society and Culture with the vision of developing a roadmap on the use of sport as an instrument to foster dialogue and social innovation in the Mediterranean region.

Sport contributes to achieve sustainable development goals, engage countries in dialogue, facilitates post-conflict transitions and offers opportunities to young generations in terms of more inclusive growth, often putting an end to the narratives of hatred and exclusion that fuel extremism.

The involvement of youth in sport for development programmes provides an opportunity to empower and inform them, making them less vulnerable to negative activities such as human trafficking and recruitments by criminal and terrorist groups.

Sport is a unique instrument to restore normality in the life of asylum seekers, facilitate integration, and promote inter-cultural and inter-faith dialogue.

Sport Nostrum Forum will showcase how sport can make a change in the life of youth from the region in terms of skills development, learning mobility and mutual understanding.

The event will gather 50-60 representatives from international and regional organisations, government, international and national sport organisations, athletes from the region, youth leaders, universities and NGOs with the ambition of building a long-term platform promoting positive changes in the Mediterranean region through sport.

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