Save the Dream – the global non-profit movement that aims to promote and protect the values and integrity of sport in young people – and Qatar Airways joined forces at the 19th Pisa Marathon this week to engage and inspire young people around Italy through the positive values of sport. Building on previous joint activities in Italy – including Save the Dream Week 2017- and internationally, Save the Dream and Qatar Airways united once again to conduct a range of activities that promoted the positive role that sport can play in educating and inspiring young people, as well as how the positive values of sport can empower society and encourage inclusivity and integration within local communities.

With over 4000 runners from Italy and over 60 other foreign countries taking part, the Pisa Marathon provided a platform for a diverse range of children and sportspeople to come together under the banner of Save the Dream. In particular, through its activities at this year’s Pisa Marathon, Save the Dream will support the efforts of local organisations in favour of both able-bodied and para-athletes by bringing young people of all ages and abilities and giving them the opportunity to train, compete and achieve their Olympic and Paralympic dreams together.

Massimiliano Montanari, Executive Director – Save the Dream said: “Building on the activities that took place in Italy during Save the Dream Week 2017, we are delighted to land at the Pisa Marathon to complete our campaign in Italy and help empower and give more children with mental and physical impairments better access to sport. Sport provides joy and educational opportunities to all children regardless their physical or social condition. This was the vision that inspired our campaign, which was implemented jointly with Qatar Airways and Save the Dream Ambassador and Paralympic athlete, Giusy Versace. As part of our participation in the Pisa Marathon, Save the Dream is delighted to help raise funds to support a number of local children’s charities and to enable and empower them to support more children and disabled young people to play sport.”

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