Our aim isn’t to preach to people, but to show them the positive aspects of sporting behaviour that they can carry with them throughout their lives. It makes sense then, to reach out to youngsters of all ages, and let them experience the positive impact that sport can, and should, have on everything they do as they progress through life. Therefore we were extremely proud to be chosen by the Qatar Olympic Committee to help deliver the Schools Olympic Programme 2013-2014, under the theme “Sport and Integrity”.

As well as interactive educational workshops and the involvement of noted Italian para-athlete Giusy Versace, our approach was to engage with students in different ways: a colouring book which brings sport integrity to life for the little ones; excerpts about ‘loyalty’ and ‘team spirit’ from the biography of our ambassador Alessandro Del Piero for middle school students; and for the oldest students, inspiring footage of prominent sports figures performing acts of true sportsmanship.

With over eight months’ of activities and competitions designed not only to combine fun with the spirit of achievement but also to encourage students who exhibit outstanding creative talents, we kicked off our Sport Integrity workshops at Birla Public School in Doha, where over 4000 students were inspired to become not only champions in sport, but champions in life.

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