We often talk about the beauty of sport at Save the Dream, but few projects have brought that idea to life quite like our ‘Noites do Brasil’ exhibition.

During 2014’s World Cup Finals, we collaborated with renowned photography studio Magnum Photos as we looked to capture the purest moments of humanity and emotion shown by those celebrating the tournament on the streets of Brazil.

The collection of images we gathered created a stunning snapshot of the passions connected with sport, beautifully visualising the motivation to our cause. As part of our mission to spread our message worldwide, the exhibition moved from South America to Turin, where it took pride of place at Save the Dream Ambassador Alessandro Del Piero’s artspace, ADPLOG.

The World Cup winner was particularly moved by the collection, rediscovering the emotions that can be gifted to someone who loves the enriching experience that sport can offer.

“These images contain the purest meaning of football and the values of sport that Save the Dream offers to protect and promote. Sport is life and art is curiosity. It is all waiting to be discovered.” Alessandro Del Piero

It’s an event that has connected the Save the Dream message with photography lovers, sport and football fans alike as they all have the chance to relive the great emotions of Brazil 2014. With a new view on the event that had the whole world watching, it is clearer than ever why we need to protect the future of sport.

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