“Sport is genius, bravery and diligence: always and everywhere, regardless of one’s condition.”Nicola Dutto

These were the words of Nicola Dutto – speaking in November at a unique roundtable discussion hosted by Save the Dream at its office at Alessandro Del Piero’s ADPLOG in Turin, Italy. This special gathering heard stories of exceptional sporting endeavour, from a panel of extraordinary athletes.

Dignitaries and guests had gathered to hear first-hand the stories of three remarkable people: Giusy Versace, Save the Dream ambassador and icon of Paralympic sport; Francesco Messori, founder and captain of the Italian National Soccer Amputees Team; and Dutto himself – the first professional paraplegic motorcycle racer.

Each member of the panel reflected on their own experience of elite sport – sharing insights into the hardships they had faced, the support they had enjoyed – or fought for; and the extraordinary courage and resilience each had shown.

“I’m proud to be a Save the Dream ambassador, born to protect the true values of sport in the world.”Giusy Versace

Chaired by sports journalist Claudio Arrigoni, the roundtable was attended by notable guests including Dario Tosetti, Chairman and CEO of Tosetti Value SIM Spa; Alessandro Pinto, Director of Global Outreach for Save the Dream; Nadia Maniezzi, President of CSI Turin; and Ezio Ferro, President of the Italian Volleyball Federation Committee.

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